Message for Application Developers

The fact that you are visiting our website suggests that you are either already conducting research with cellulose nanocrystals or are strongly considering it. Here is why you should evaluate our CNC in your application. 

Usually, people don’t consider a choice unless one is presented to them. 

Most of the current research and patents published have been developed with CNC produced through sulfuric acid hydrolysis. There is a vast and growing knowledge base around this material. CNC produced this way comes with some sulfate half esters on the crystal surfaces. This functional group imparts negative surface charge that is responsible for suspension stability and other benefits. However, these groups may interfere with some applications. If this causes a problem, further processing steps are required to deal with it. Up until recently, application developers have not had a choice in surface chemistry. BGB Ultra has the same size, shape and crystallinity as acid hydrolysis CNC, but has carboxyl surface groups instead. 

 Since we have introduced our CNC, we have been approached by many researchers asking about product performance in comparison to other CNC sources. Our answer is always that we don’t know, but we will make as simple as possible for you to find out. So far, over 170 customers in 22 countries have taken us up on the offer. Many of these customers report a preference of BGB Ultra over the CNC that they have been using. 


Potential Investors

If you are investigating this technology as an investment opportunity, you are probably aware of society’s need to function in a more sustainable way. In particular, climate change and the accumulation of plastic in the world’s oceans pose serious....


Corporate Technology Officers

The attributes of nanocellulose plus the renewable nature of this material make it very attractive to companies looking for future opportunities. We know that technology scouts approach new technologies differently from researchers and investors..

We are developing the intellectual property, process design and market for the commercial scale production of cellulose nanocrystals.