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Purchase Nanocellulose

Product Availability

Our pilot plant in Saskatoon Saskatchewan offers nanocellulose for sale for technical evaluation. You can purchase Nanocellulose from Blue Goose. We do not wish to take a share in the intellectual property that you develop. We are pleased to offer the following.

BGB Ultra™ CNC

This 8.0% by weight aqueous suspension is our newest and finest CNC product.  Ultra is your choice if you are looking for chiral nematic structures, excellent thixotropic properties, iridescent and birefringent films.

BGB Ultra™ CNC 1kg

BGB Ultra™ CNC 74 g

BGB Ultra™ CNC 148 g

BGB Ultra™ CNC 4.0 g Sample

(Limit 1 per customer)


BGB Natural CNC

This 7.4% by weight slurry has been on the market since 2014.  Gels from Natural are thicker and more opaque than Ultra. Washing with deionized water and concentration with ultrafiltration are the only treatments of the product after manufacturing.

BGB Natural CNC 1kg

BGB Natural CNC 74 g

BGB Natural CNC 148 g