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New Product – BGB Ultra

BGB Ultra Qualities:


– Same surface chemistry and charge as BGB Natural

– Very uniform and small crystal size

– Clear or translucent gels 

– Improved thixotropic properties

– Chiral nematic structure formation

– Films that display iridescence

– Films that are birefringent


TEM of BGB Ultra

Left:  anisotropic layer formation.  Centre:  increased iridescence through left circular polarized light.  Right:  decreased iridescence through right circular polarized light.

TEM Micrograph of BGB Ultra (FEI Tecnai 12 BioTwin microscope at 120 kV.  Uranyl acetate stain on copper TEM grid coated with amorphous silica)

Customers who have tested BGB Ultra have told us “this is the best CNC Blue Goose has ever produced.” 


ultra gel

BGB Ultra 8.0% gel

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