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Economic Opportunities

Integration into Pulp and Paper Facilities

The Pulp and Paper Industry continues to be challenged by declining markets and excess capacity.  Nanocellulose products are viewed a potential opportunity to revitalize the industry.  The R3TM technology has its roots in the pulp industry, and the equipment and vessels found in modern kraft pulp mills are well suited for the process.  This would allow any pulp mill to diversify part or all of its capacity into CNC production.  There is also the opportunity to convert shuttered assets into CNC plants. The R3TM technology has the potential to hit the ground running and produce relevant tonnages for high volume applications such as paper packaging, concrete additives, oilfield applications, and composite and coatings manufacture.

Integration into Existing Biorefineries

Currently, the ethanol industry has a need for increased margins. The R3TM technology is able to utilize existing process infrastructure found in ethanol facilities.  This would provide a cost effective diversification opportunity unrelated to existing revenue sources for operating and shuttered facilities.

Processing Waste and Byproducts

Another technological fit is with manufacturers who are looking to extract value from their lignocellulosic waste or byproduct streams. Any operator with extra space and utility capacity could make an ideal candidate for this application. For example, oat dehulling plants, sunflower seed crushers, hemp decorticating facilities, rice processing facilities are all potential matches for the R3TM process.

Commercial Hemp, Cereal Straws and Other Agricultural Residuals

Currently, the majority of farm revenue comes from the seed portion of the crops they grow. There is currently little, if any revenue from the straw portion. The R3TM process is well suited to converting agricultural straw into high value products.  R3TM has the ability to transform commercial hemp into a high value cash crop, exceeding traditional revenues from canola and cereal crops.