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  • Mar 01 / 2016
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Food additive

Nanocellulose as a Food Additive

salad-drinkCellulose nanofibers (CNF) as well as cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) are being investigated by a number of research laboratories including Innventia (Sweden) and Borregaard (Norway), among others. Nanocellulose shows promise as a stabilizer for oils in water emulsions and foams containing high amounts of dissolved sugar. When added to dough, nanocellulose makes bread with higher volume and even form. Nanocellulose has also been added to hamburger to improve the moister retention during frying.

Lastly, nanocellulose from coconuts has been commercialized as a low-calorie, high dietary fiber additive in fruit flavored drinks by a number of companies in the far east. The nanocellulose product is called nata de coco. Nata de coco can also be enjoyed as a mixture of iced fruit, compote, custard, ice cream, fruit cocktail, candy, or desert.